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Altcoin : AURA

What is Aura?
Aura is a new blockchain and smart contract ledger based on the ethereum protocol. Being derived
from Ethereum , It shares nearly all the same properties, including a built in turing complete scripting
language that allows users and developers to create decentralized applications easily without having to
worry about all the headache involved with creating and launching an entirely new blockchain.
Aura is a mineable cryptocurrency, not an ERC20 token . It was created to be the foundation for the
YouStock platform. It is a standalone decentralized blockchain and as such, can be used for any purpose
that users or developers see fit. Nobody owns the Aura blockchain and anybody can use it create dApps
or smart contracts or send aura or anything else.

What is YouStock?
YouStock is a new platform that will allow people to easily and effortlessly create a new “stock” or
digital token that represents themself. They refer to this concept as “tokenized selfhood” or “people
stocks”. Stock creators can choose the total supply, and how many decimal places they can be divisible
by (up to 18 decimal places). Users will be able to trade their stock/token with others without needing
permission from anyone. This is possible due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.
YouStock is being built on top of Aura in order to provide this service, and aims to hide the complexities
of cryptocurrency and blockchains from the end user. People will be able to easily and securely create,
send, receive, and trade tokens and aura without necessarily knowing they’re using a blockchain. By
providing this platform, they hope users will find new and interesting ways to utilize their own stocks.

Roadmap :

❖ September 2017
Initial project concept and blockchain experimentation
❖ January 2018
Create ethereum fork and block explorer, Aura mainnet launch
❖ February 2018
Aura services (mining pools, GUI and Web wallets, network stats, Exchanges)
❖ March 2018
Basic wallet support: view balance, send/receive aura, keystore, private key, mnemonic
❖ April 2018
Cross chain atomic swaps
Auradex and the ability to trade aura for ether directly
❖ May 2018
People Stocks
Advanced wallet support, create tokens, view/send/receive tokens
❖ June 2018
YouStock Alpha
Market: Buy/Sell/Trade people stocks
❖ Q3 2018
YouStock Beta
Expanded wallet support, testing, more cross-chain swap options
❖ Q4 2018
YouStock 1.0
❖ Q2 2019
YouStock Android and iOS Mobile Apps

Link to their official website

Link to mining guide

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