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NAGA Team is very pleased to announce the arrival of the revolutionary NAGA WALLET

The NAGA WALLET is the ideal multi-currency payment gateway, which will allow you to control numerous forms of digital payments simultaneously. In fact, NAGA WALLET is the first fully-automated, user-friendly wallet on the market. And they are very proud to bring it to the loyal NAGA community.

Some of the amazing and unique features that you can find in the NAGA WALLET are :

–    The highest possible level of security for your funds thanks to its decentralised data storage

–    The ability to deposit, hold, & withdraw the top coins, plus more than 1,200 Tokens

–    The ability to participate in new ICOs with just one click

–    A token-info service for all new ICOs, including news, charts, & rates

–    A direct gateway to the NAGA Ecosystem via NAGA TRADER and the NAGA CARD

–    Instant access to stock, crypto, forex, and commodity trading

–    A globally available interface in +20 different languages

–    Referral Program: For every purchase of at least 50 NGCs by your referred friends, you will get a referral reward

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