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TittieCoin – The naughty coin for a classy investors and mining pleasures

The crypto-revolution is going to integrate into every field of our lives. This is the inevitable process, an evolution of it’s own kind and something that world powers are trying to tame down, but rather unsuccessfully.

While majority of the projects of this early era of blokchain technology are focused on financial instruments, economy of things or similar, there are unique projects that show’s us a glimpse into the future use of cryptocurrencies. But, rarely a coin has also a fun, pleasure like and almost harmonious foundation, as the TittieCoin project. The name says it all; this is a token of appreciation and expectation for hedonism and abundance.



The Tittie Foundation, an underlaying group of developers, baking up the project, is envisioning a near future, where tokens are going to be used for direct and anonymous payment of services on Tittie Island. The real, ocean, sun and sand blessed piece of land, that will be acquired and transformed into a luxury resort. The guests, would use TittieCoins for all their spending on the island, or use them to invest in development of the resort.

The envisioned Tittie Island


The founders are well aware that their vision sounds a bit strange, or even immature, but should there be a limit on our wishes or plans?  Does the history not knows about myriads of underestimated ideas that later proved to be revolutionary?

The TittieCoin project passes the rigorous test of time and with 4 years of existence in the crypto-universe, it deserves our full attention and respect. The development begun on Januari 2014 and the team behind it remains committed and unchanged to date. Recently, the project has undergone a complete overhaul and brought forward new web presence, design, wallet for Linux, marketing strategy, presence to new exchanges etc. Sure those titties are alive and bouncing.



TittieCoin (TTC) is an open source PoW scrypt digital currency with Dark Gravity Wave 3 as a difficulty-adjusting algorithm, at every 10 blocks.

The block is found in 3 minutes, with block reward of 69 coins. The reward i halved on every two years.

There was no premine of the coin and there are only total of 2.3 billion coins ever to be produced.


The Market

The TittieCoin had a great growth at the start of the year (as did most of the market) and is now in the bearish period, when every experienced investor would advice you to HODL or buy-in.

With price as low as 0.00054 USD, one could get his hands on 1 million of TittieCoins, for about 500$ investment. If the price fluctuation bring’s the price back to December 2017-th mark, that would be 10-fold return.

The coin is available and trading on Cryptopia an YoBit, which is quite reafirming fact, as opposite to “pump&dump” coins trading on questionable exchanges.

tittiecoin price



The crypto-currencies have a long and difficult way ahead, towards the worldwide and system-wide acceptance. In the meantime, we, the pioneers and early adopters of this technological revolution, can only buckle up, relax and enjoy the ride. And with a wallet full of “titties”, the fun is just guaranteed…




The official website:







Cryptopia exchange:

YoBit exchange:




Mining tutorial soon to come on Crypsteria.




And my personal recommendation, to get your mind off market crash, the NewWorldOrder or whatever else is bugging your mind, jiggle the squares and become TittieCoin Jiggle Master!



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