Whalesburg : Revolutionary multi coin pool

WHALESBURG is the first crypto-mining platform with an profit-switching algorithm!

Whalesburg mining platform is a software bundle for cryptocurrency miners. It has 3 primary goals, to simplify the setup of your mining operation, increase your income and offer the best time-saving mining tools. It consists of five main parts, multi-currency mining pool, operating system, whalesburg cloud, profit-switching solution and hardware monitoring and management software.

Whalesburg smart mining pool provide you with a software bundle that integrates the following key features:

Only your email and wallet addresses are needed.
You can track income with the help of a blockchain scanner tool which displays all the transactions
from Coinbase including conversion rates and amounts. This lets you be sure there is no fraud in the
Our agents gather information about your hardware and calculate the most profitable option to mine in
real-time. This way, you no longer need to monitor prices, difficulties, or mining effectiveness for each
coin you are interested in.
More Coins
As a multi-pool, you will be able to mine an astonishing number of coins; some you may not have had
time to study, others may not even have heard of. Our software provides you with a fast and easy way
to switch between different coins.
Proportional Rewards
Whalesburg mining pool offers Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS), a proportional rewards configuration
with shared transaction fees. Confirmations needed depend on the blockchain of the cryptocurrency
you mine. The pool takes a 0,45% – 3% fee for each confirmed block. The more WBT tokens you stack
the cheaper the fee is. (Please refer to the “tier system “ section below.)

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